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Eliza Rey, Certified Medium and Speaker and Author

About Eliza
Eliza has been performing readings for over 20 years. She has touched the lives of many with the intuitive messages from our guides including past loved ones.

Eliza has experienced intuitive abilities since she was a very young child and was able to visualize and hear messages for and from her family. A tragic accident occurred when she was 18 years old involving the deaths of her brother and father which motivated Eliza to further develop more of a connection with those on the other side.

Since then, Eliza has helped others connect with past loved ones providing loving intentions and counsel for others. Eliza also is a writer, occupational therapist and mother of two.

Contact Eliza for a very confidential, personal and inspirational intuitive reading. Reading are available in person or on the phone. Group readings are also available.

Intuitive Tools 4Kids
A seminar by Eliza Rey

Intuitive Tools 4Kids. A program developed for parents and children by Eliza Rey.
This workshop has provided tools to assist children you have had intuitive/psychic experiences. Workshop is for parents and children.
Contact: to schedule a workshop.

Contact Eliza for consultation regarding Intuitive Tools 4Kids." For more information: intuitivetools4kids.com
Your information is very much appreciated.

Certifications from Windbridge Institute, Forever Family Foundation, and Charles Virtue Medium certification.



Intuitive Tools 4Kids
A seminar by Eliza Rey
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