“Live your Life to the Fullest”
Eliza Rey, Certified Medium and Speaker and Author


As a Windbridge Certified Research Medium, Eliza is a member of an elite
team of mediums who were screened and vetted using peer-reviewed
scientific methods. Since 2009, she has volunteered her time to research
and her active participation in numerous studies has allowed us to make
important discoveries about mediumship.
--Julie Beischel, PhD
Director of Research
Windbridge Research Center
"studying dying, death, and what comes next"

"In my professional life as a media producer, I've had the opportunity to work closely with mystics, renowned healers, channelers of all kinds, spiritual ‘gurus', intuitives able to connect with source information from wherever, and other ‘visionary’ types — many of whom are totally for real and can do what they claim. But here's the thing — when I want to check in for guidance and confirmation in my own life, I go to Eliza. Years ago, the first reading I had in person was a major turning point in my life — the change being that I was able to intentionally start to trust my own inner guidance and utilize it as a conscious tool in what I do in both life and business. Through other subsequent readings, I have been comforted by connecting with family in the afterlife realms and given wisdom and guidance that has effected the path of my life in many powerful ways. The support, encouragement, and friendship I receive from Eliza has immeasurable value for me and my family.

— Randall Libero"

"Eliza was introduced to me by a very good friend of mine three years ago.  Since then my life had gone through many changes.  Eliz’s intuitive readings have consistently helped me work through the challenges and changes I was faced with.  Her readings have always steered me in the direction of making good decisions.  Eliza has basically helped me understand and deal with my circumstances."
Zehra Luetje, Florida

"My reading with Eliza was amazing. She was very accurate about my family and personal information that I would only know and was able to provide insight and offer advice on my questions.  Eliza was very kind and understanding and she delivered beautiful and meaningful messages.  She is sincere and genuine and I highly recommend contacting her for a reading."
Carrie in Phoenix. Arizona

"Eliza helped me understand that although we lose people we love, they are always with us.  They look upon us and are always near.  When things were the bleakest and I had no idea where to turn, a friend told me about Eliza.  She helped me when no one else could.  I thank God for her insight."
Melinda Ferguson, South Carolina

"My husband and I had separate readings.  We were both impressed by Eliza’s accuracy of past information, her compassion and her insightfulness.  She helped us both in obtaining closure of really difficulty past experiences."
Joe and Valerie Wells, Arizona

"I have used Eliza Rey as my intuitive guide for 5 years - the messages she gives me have brought me much comfort, especially those from my son and grandparents. She has seen many aspects of my life before they unfolded, often times it was not until after that I realized she had given me guidance about the future. She feels, hears and sees information that contains advice for me personally, my health and emotional well-being, my career and relationships. Very often the advice comes with humor and a great sense of joy and fun - the Angels love to laugh and make her laugh. I always come away from a reading feeling more at peace and soothed about my place within this wonderful universe and with my questions answered."
Lissy Dickens, England

"I received a reading from Eliza and I can truly say that it changed my life.  She was able to verbalize specifics regarding relatives and friends who have passed on that confirmed, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that life doesn’t end here on Earth!"
Greg Marshall, Arizona

"I met Eliza in Sarasota thru a girlfriend and I cannot thank my girlfriend enough!! I knew from the first reading that Eliza and I would have a long relationship, she is so straight forward and right on in her readings, She is the BEST!!"
Anonymous,  USA

Certifications from Windbridge Institute, Forever Family Foundation, and Charles Virtue Medium certification.



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