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There’s A Man Standing Next To You : A Psychic Medium's Story of Tragedy and Triumph

by Eliza Rey (Author) Format: Kindle Edition
From the time I was a child, I have been able to see, hear and feel the energy of those who have passed away. Often, when I feel my deceased father's vibe near me, I hear a him saying "There 's a Man Standing Next to You." Thus, I titled this book from this phrase I hear often. The book is about my life time journey as a psychic medium and how I decided to help others with this ability following a family tragedy. I hope to inspire others with my story of tragedy to triumph. I also include helpful hints for those who are interested in receiving a medium reading. Eliza Rey Medium , Author and Occupational Therapist.

Daysee is a story about a young angel in training who escapes her celestial community to guide 3 very gifted and intuitive children. Her pink angel feathers materialize while she is on earth and are the key element to uniting these very special children. Young readers to Adults will enjoy this entertaining and adorable story. Children will learn that angels are entertaining and helpful


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Last Wishes combines the wishes of both worlds –the celestial community of Talupe and the family oriented small town of Ashton on Earth. The story is full of intrigue, adventure, and sentiment from all the characters.
As in Eliza Rey’s first book, Daysee The Delinquent Angel, Ralph and his friends have discovered that they have intuitive abilities that allow them to receive angelic messages from a young energetic angel named Daysee.
In Last Wishes, they continue to trust the messages they receive from their angel friends, Daysee and her angel friend, Rey, who both live in the celestial community of Talupe. They escape to Earth since Daysee can’t stay away from her earthly friends because they need her once again.
The Master angels and an Earthly ghost named CJ, are creating a technically advanced healing computer program that is designed to help with the healing and well being of the children at the hospital that Ralph goes to.
Young readers and adults will enjoy Last Wishes as they have the Eliza Rey’s first book as they envision the miracles and discoveries of Earth and the celestial community of Talupe.

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Certifications from Windbridge Institute, Forever Family Foundation, and Charles Virtue Medium certification.


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